At John John Seafood w/ Soul in East Cleveland, we care about our customers.

  • Welcome to our website. In East Cleveland, you won't find another business like ours. John John Seafood offers high quality food and great customer service.  We are a family based resturant, passionate about our craft and believe this sets us apart from most food & dining chains. We are standing by to take care of your seafood with soul needs.. "Come Get Some!"
  • John John Seafood w/ Soul offers a broad variety of dining choices to fit the needs of our customers.  We offer group catering services, and all meals are prepared fresh at the time of order to ensure a quality product. We are happy to design your meal to your specifications! Now available for pickup and delivery online with GrubHub! 
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MON: 2 Beef Polish Boys $5

TUE:  2 Chicken OR Steak Phillly Wraps  $10

WED:   2 Quesadillas   $10

THUR:  2 Cheese Burgers     $10

FRI: $1 OFF Fish Dinner with fries & coleslaw

SAT:  2 Broccoli & Cheese Stuffed Potatoes  $8

Call us at ​216-451-0011. ​

OFFICERS & SERVICE WOMEN/MEN IN UNIFORM and appropriate ID will be given a 10% discount on all orders over $10.

Valid from 3/1/16 to 3/31/17.

There are so many things John John Seafood w/ Soul can offer you!

At John John Seafood w/ Soul, we believe in our services. We offer a variety of high quality food items at competitive prices compared with other businesses in the Food & Dining industry from: healthy choice grilled veggie and seafood dishes to the treat-yourself dishes you crave after a long hard day.  Let us make your day - Come Get Some!

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Got a taste for something new and delicious like Seafood & Veggie Stuffed Potatoes, Real Steak Philly Wraps, Quesadillas AnyStyle, Soul Food Sides, and much more mouth watering tastes that will leave you CRAVING John John Seafood w/Soul in East Cleveland," get in touch!  Take some time to look through our menu pages!